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The accuracy of astrological predictions vary depending upon many factors, such as the skill of the astrologer or chart reader and if they have been studying accurately. Additionally, both timing and location play a role in the interpretation of an individual’s chart as well. Therefore, it’s important to be aware that no prediction is 100% accurate – rather that it may provide clues or guidelines for those seeking advice or solace from their stars.


An individual’s natal chart reflects their unique personality and destiny. Through a detailed analysis of the placements of planets within each sign, their aspects, and house placements, an experienced astrologer can help you to better understand your motivations, how you relate to other people, your potential gifts and challenges in life, and your personal strengths and weaknesses.


Astrological transits are when the planets move through the zodiac sign they are currently in or passing by. During this movement, they make aspects to natal planetary positions which cause events to happen in our lives (positive or negative). Consulting with a skilled astrologer can help you determine what type of energy a particular transit may bring into your life and allow you to plan ahead so that you can take advantage of positive opportunities while mitigating the effects of any challenging transits.

The planets can influence our financial decisions – either positively or negatively – depending on their current configuration at any given moment. Utilizing an astrological approach can provide interesting insights into our current financial situation as well as opportunities for improvement. An experienced astrologer can help interpret the current planetary alignments/transits and how they are influencing our finances so adjustments can be made accordingly where necessary – both inside us as well as externally with actionable strategies to be implemented outside ourselves.