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Rs. 5100/- or $ 95

*Only one consultation applicable in one fee.

* For Indian Resident Only * For Resident Out of India

Urgent Consultancy

Astrology has proven itself to be a true lifeline in times of emergency. Whether you find yourselves caught in relationship dilemmas or perplexing career predicaments, astrology has your backs!


Our Urgent Consultancy services are designed for those in need of appointments within 48 hours. We understand that there are moments when we require swift answers to life’s most burning questions, and astrology holds the power to grant us a glimpse into our strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. Just 30 minutes of astrological consultation can provide invaluable insights that shape your decisions.


So, if you ever encounter a cosmic crisis, a 30-minute emergency astrological consultation is the rescue capsule that you need. Prepare yourself to make prompt decisions, attain clarity, spot opportunities, and conquer life’s challenges with finesse. During this consultation, you can expect a brief introduction and background as the we familiarize ourselves with you. From there, we will delve straight into addressing your primary concern, engaging in astrological analysis and interpretation.