Indu Lagna

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Indu Lagna

Indu Lagna is the rising ascendant degree based on which wealth accumulation and financial stability will get analyzed in every horoscope.


It is the unique degree that plays an important role to find the source, opportunity, and timing of events when you will get a good amount of wealth in life.


Indu stands for Moon, and it stands for mind in Vedic Astrology which controls thoughts. It decides how and when things will manifest based on mood, and emotional intelligence and helps to attain the desired goal in our life. Eventually, the result depends on Indu Lagna and its ruling planet in the horoscope to get the expected wealth gain.


How Indu Lagna calculated:-

Indu Lagna is calculated with the help of the cumulative position of the ninth house ruling planets from Ascendant and the Moon’s Kala (Ray) which will be divided by 12 stands for twelve zodiacs.


The ninth lord from Ascendant will give clues on how you will work on ideas coming from your mind (Moon) and the Ninth lord from Moon will help you to implement those ideas to earn a good amount of wealth, financial stability, and support in your life.

Each planet is assigned some specific value known as Kala except Rahu and Ketu. This Kala (rays) will be added and divided by twelve to calcite Indu Lagna.