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One Year Report

Yearly astrological report 2023-2024
This one year report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the astrological trends and influences that we can anticipate in the coming year. It is grounded on the positions of the planets and the signs of the zodiac and serves as a guide for navigating and comprehending the energies of this period.


The general energy of the upcoming year will revolve around transformation and change. The world around us is undergoing a significant astrological transition, and we are witnessing numerous shifts. On a personal level, we may undergo a period of upheaval and considerable change. We may feel compelled to relinquish old habits and welcome new ones. Although this may prove to be a challenging process, it also presents the opportunity for growth and personal transformation.


Specific astrological influences that we anticipate experiencing in the next year are as follows: Jupiter will be in Aries from January to May 2023. This brings in a time for new beginnings and adventures. We may feel emboldened and ambitious during this period, making it an excellent time to initiate new projects and take risks. Saturn, meanwhile, will be in Pisces from March to June 2023, highlighting the significance of concentrating on our emotional and spiritual well-being.

We may need to seek forgiveness– both towards ourselves and others – and bring to an end old wounds. It is also a suitable time for enhancing our intuition and connecting with our higher selves. Lastly, Pluto in Aquarius until 2044 signifies a significant time of political and social change. Old systems are collapsing while new and different replacements are emerging. This makes it feel like a time of change and openness to new ideas.


In conclusion, the next year will be a period of significant change and transformation, and with this understanding of the astrological trends and influences, we can better prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that await. Additional insights for the next year include the north node in Taurus, which highlights the importance of focusing on our material needs and creating stability and abundance. In contrast, the south node in Scorpio implies that it is time to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Lastly, there will be four eclipses in the next year: two solar and two lunar – and these powerful periods of change and transformation can bring about new beginnings, endings, and breakthroughs.


This report can be used as a guide for comprehending the astrological trends and influences that we can expect in the next year. Additionally, we can compare the transits to our natal planets to gather insights into our personal chart.