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Sadde Saati Report (Whole Life)

Sadde Saati is the transit of Saturn over preceding sign to natal moon, natal moon & next sign to natal moon. It brings mental pressure and anxiety to all. Saturn is Slowest moving planet of solar system & when it influences fastest moving moon, speed and nature of the moon get disturbed. It gives native emotional crisis, lack of concentration, sceptical thoughts; make introvert and detachment from outer world. Commencement of Stagnation period or downfall in life is usually seen in Sadde satti.


Moon represents mother too, in such phase health of mother also suffers. On other exceptional side when it runs for favourable ascendants when right periods are going on, it becomes highly beneficial. It can prove to be a king maker phase in one’s life.


On other side It becomes worst when sadde satti starts and one is running through dasha of evil houses. What can be essential remedies that you can do to prevent yourself in evil effects of Saturn. Saturn represents service class too in such periods one has to phase problem from their junior subordinates or servants too, which turn into big losses into a long run.

If you are running through a sadde saati and want to know what can be its effect over your life then you can consult us. In life time one has to face either two or three circles of sadde saati.


When will your next sadde satti start and what can be precautionary measures that you can take in advance to save yourselves from its adversities. Sadde saati is divided into three phase of 2 & half years each, which phase will yield best or worst result, you will get to know in this reports.


Acharya Pradeepji will answer all your queries in this report. This report will be based on analysis of natal position of moon & Saturn, transit of Saturn, effects, precautions that one can take and remedies to ease this phase of life.